Thank you for your interest in funding our Film Project; The Chronicles Of Dalon.

The next page will outline this project's funding needed to complete this feature film as efficiently as possible.

But first, we must get an Mutual NDA Form signed and sent back to us before you can continue to the important Documents page. 

There, you will have access to all the Production Documents such as the Outlined Budget, Production Schedule, Day out of Days, Shooting Schedule, Casting, Cast Schedule, Production Crew, Synopsis, Script, Shooting Locations, Teaser Trailers, Posters, and the like.

We hope this project venture meets and exceeds your expectation of a great film.

Thank You.


Once your NDA Form is received and verified, a link to the Documents Page will be sent to your email on file.  Thank You

Download NDA Form Below:

Follow the instructions and return eSigned  Form to the email listed on the form

OR you may sign the Form by ink pen and return to DIE Films through snail mail

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